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May 5, 2021

Michael Lee, Jr. is the Founder and CEO of Gondola Capital, a firm that focuses on the Alternatives Investing Space. Michael is passionate about Bitcoin and talks to Richard about why he thinks it is the most disruptive Technology of our lifetime. Michael also delves into how he got his first job out of college, a story that cannot be missed. This podcast will be the first in a series on Blockchain, DeFi and Digital Tokens.

You can reach Michael on Twitter at @MLeeJr. To learn more about Richard please visit

Check out Michael's Blue Line Banter Podcast here. Blue Line Banter is a podcast about hockey, business, life, and everything in between.

Show Notes:

(01:17) Michael's story, Mikey Lee3, Gondola Capital and living in North Carolina

(02:00) All about Blue Line Banter Podcast, Father Son Bond, Former and Current NHL Players

(03:45) Hatteras Funds, Introduction to Bitcoin, Dismissive at First, Being a Disruptive Technology

(06:09) Owning and Mining Bitcoin, Intellectual Curiosity, Electricity Costs, from Hobby to Passion

(08:30) Michael's 2-Minute Bitcoin Elevator Pitch, Protecting your Wealth

(10:44) Bitcoin being Borderless, Decentralized Network, Owning a piece of that Network

(12:25) It's going to be tough to stop the Bitcoin Movement, JP Morgan, $150,000 Price Targets, Innovation of our Lifetime

(16:06) Money Laundering Concerns plus Michael's thoughts on how Bitcoin makes things easier for regulators

(20:12) Michael's predictions on Blockchain over the next 10 years, Data Rich, Mike Cagney and Figure Technologies, Provenance Blockchain

(27:50) Constructing a portfolio with digital assets, Uniswap, Blackfire

(31:38) What stops Bitcoin? Dogecoin, Miners, New Blockchains

(40:30) Michael's incredible story about how he got into the investment business, waiter, hard work and some luck