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May 12, 2021

Peter Hans is the Head of Business Development at Arca Funds, a full-service investment management firm focused on Digital Assets. Peter is also the Host of Between2Chains, a podcast formed in partnership with Real Vision.

Richard and Peter discuss the future of Digital Assets, Bitcoin, Ethereum and more. They also delve into Prominent Blockchain Applications as well as select Digital Tokens. To learn more about Peter please visit To learn more about Richard please visit

“Every company that has a product or service will have a digital asset or token on its capital structure.” – Peter Hans

Show Notes:

(01:14) Peter introduction, FBR, Fixed Income, Distressed Debt and joining Arca

(04:29) Working at a startup, being CEO, Harvest, Ethereum Mining, working with Jeff Dorman, Bitcoin, Tokens

(15:55) Real world "potential examples of tokens, Disney and Netflix, 100% secure, efficient

(18:26) Why we haven't seen more digital tokens amongst larger companies, benefits that align incentives

(21:19) Tokens being custodied, removing counter party risk

(25:13) Dogecoin and Litecoin versus Tokens with practical use cases

(25:43) Ethereum Blockchain versus Bitcoin Blockchain

(28:09) Valuing digital tokens, how to go about doing it

(31:14) Tokens that Peter finds attractive at current prices, NFTs and more, Home Purchase or Refinance

(35:39) Etereum based Smart Contracts

(40:48) Transparency

(41:15) More on NFT's, Non Fungible Tokens, Sports Contracts, JPEGs

(46:15) Cryptocurrency and Token Regulation, Between Two Chains Podcast, Raoul Pal, Real Vision, Closing Remarks

Peter's Podcast Link