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Jun 29, 2021

Jason Greenwald is a real estate investor focused on Maryland Housing Foreclosures. A lifelong Washington DC Sports Fan, Jason finished college right as the 2008 housing collapse dominated headlines. With perseverance, some bar mitzvah money and a basic understanding of real estate, Jason was able to take advantage of the bargain basement home prices and build a successful business.

To learn more about Jason please follow him on Twitter @JGreenwald86. To learn more about Richard please visit

Show Notes:

(01:15) About Jason, growing up near Washington DC and starting off with $5,000

(03:21) Grandparents and Moses Kagan

(04:25) Investing in housing post 2008 and 2009 bust, starting with nothing

(08:01) Temple Hills, Maryland and first big deal

(10:44) Buying right in Real Estate, Jason's Process, Covid-19

(16:11) Staying local in property purchases

(20:14) Are people moving, Current state of housing

(21:40) Thoughts on some Housing stocks

(22:36) Dealing with Mortgage Foreclosures

(26:24) Foreclosure Auctions

(31:36) Jason and the Use of Leverage

(35:35) Reinvesting the Rental Profit Float, Stocks

(43:21) Washington Football Team, Washington Sports, Dan Snyder

(48:50) Closing remarks and contact information