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Jul 21, 2021

For this milestone 25th podcast episode, The Frugal Banker is the ideal guest. Listen in as he talks to Richard about growing up in the South, a promising Radio Talk Show Career as well as an innovative "bucket" framework for philanthropy. He also talks to Richard about Atlanta FinTwit, his love of Breakfast Cereal and his $1,000 Donation Hurdle.

To learn more about The Frugal Banker please follow him on Twitter @TheFrugalBanker.

To learn more about Richard please visit

Show Notes:

(01:12) Introduction to The Frugal Banker

(02:13) College and Life as a Radio Disc Jockey and Morning Show Host

(07:34) Fun skits from the talk show; most interesting story

(11:49) Passion for Philanthropy, United Way Campaign, Developing a Framework for Giving, the $25 rule

(19:09) Sitting in front of investment committees; Jeremy Heer, Christie Hamilton

(20:53) Charity Organizational Due Diligence

(28:06) The ideal dollar amount to give to charity

(32:34) Growing up as a Preacher's son and how that made an impact

(36:16) Atlanta FinTwit, @Fedspeak, Ramp Capital, Golf Game, thoughts on Cereal

(40:09) Road trips and the new RV

(41:44) Atlanta Sports, the Falcons and Tom Brady

(44:02) Final thoughts on Philanthropy