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Aug 17, 2021

Jamie Vrijhof-Droese is a Managing Partner at WHVP LTd. Based in Zurich, Switzerland, WHVP is a full-service Financial Advisor that specializes in helping US clients internationally diversify their money and add a layer of asset protection to their wealth. Jamie and Richard talk about Currency Alternatives to the US dollar, busting myths around Offshore Investing, and Switzerland as an Offshore Financial Jurisdiction. They also talk about the Next Generation of Wealth and discuss some differences in how Men and Women value Financial Advisors.


To learn more about WHVP check out You can reach Jamie at To learn more about Richard please visit


Show Notes:

(01:11) - Jamie Intro

(03:38) - Busting Offshore Investing Myths

(07:46) - How WHVP attracts clients

(09:49) - Millennials and other Generations

(11:05) - How women view Financial Advisors versus Men; Male and Female Investing Patterns

(15:59) - WHVP Investing Philosophy

(18:30) - Crypto Currency and Crypto-Valley

(24:30) - Taking over the Family Business

(30:12) - Jamie's first investment