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Oct 20, 2021

Srivatsan (Sri) Prakash is the host of the popular podcast ‘Market Champions’, which is a show dedicated to interviewing some of the biggest names in Finance and Economics. On this episode, Sri talks to us about his journey from India to Singapore to Toronto; his love of the markets; thoughts on cryptocurrency as well as some of the biggest things he’s learned from interviewing Market Champions.


To learn more about Sri please follow him on Twitter  @SrivatsPrakash. To learn more about Richard or to request a transcript of the podcast please visit


Show Notes:

(03:14) Sri introduces himself and gives a little color on his background. Working with Mike Green at Simplify.

(06:46) Investing dad’s account and Canadian stock regulations.

(07:37) Doing the work on Financials and Value Investing. Thoughts on Macro Investing and Statistics.

(11:17) Reading Company Annual Reports.

(13:00) Stockholder meetings and Company Analyst Earnings Calls.

(14:39) Sri’s attempt to schedule a podcast with Prem Watsa, legendary CEO of Fairfax Financial.

(15:09) Trials and tribulations of starting a podcast. Podcast guest pitch and overcoming pushback.

(17:35) The inspiration for starting Market Champions.

(24:30) Recent trip to New York and visiting the NYSE Stock Exchange. Getting to meet Josh Wolf, Mike Taylor, Dan McMurtrie, David Einhorn and Kyla Scanlon.

(26:51) Sri’s thoughts on making a TikTok video and competing with Kyla. 

(28:44) Interviewing Anhony Pompliano and how ‘Pomp’ made the podcast cut. The story behind the interview.

(31:14) Going over cryptocurrency views. FUD and ‘Bad Bitcoin’. NFT’s and replacing the US Dollar.

(35:25) Triggering people on social media.

(38:28) Thoughts on Singapore versus Toronto. Canadian Winter and loving the cold.

(41:17) Growing up in India.

(43:34) Learning Python Programming Language and its advantages.

(44:10) Plans on career after college. Financial services, hedge funds and launching fund.

(45:53) Interviewing Maj Soueidan of Geo Investing. Knowledge of microcaps. Asking the difficult questions.

(49:00) Paneer versus Dominos Pizza, which is better?

(50:40) Sri wraps up and provides contact information.