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Nov 4, 2021

Maj Soueidan is the Co-Founder of GeoInvesting, a leader in microcap stock research. GeoInvesting’s bullish focus centers around three major themes. Growth + Value; Information Arbitrage and inflection point investing. On this episode, we will learn Maj’s backstory, how GeoInvesting adds value to clients, the power of Research Collaboration, some stock ideas and so much more. We will also discuss some valuable insight on SEC Filings and 10K’s in particular.  


To learn more about Maj please visit or follow him on Twitter @majgeoinvesting. To learn more about Richard or to request a transcript of the podcast please visit


Show Notes:

(01:11) Maj goes over his background plus GeoInvesting, which he launched in 2007 to bring Tier One quality Microcap Research and Idea Generation to membership base.

(02:22) Growing up in Pennsylvania and attending management meetings as a kid. Maj talks about his father, Peter Lynch and watching the Nightly Business Report with dad.

(05:22) Seeing a management presentation at the American Stock Exchange in Philadelphia at the age of 18 and asking the tough questions :)

(06:40) Talking first big multi-bagger win, Wireless Telecom Group NYSE:WTT.

(08:56) Maj talks about why he invests in microcaps. Access to management, getting into new technologies and meeting a new type of investor. Microcap investors just think differently. Much less competition. 

(13:06) Introducing the concept of information arbitrage with Evans Sutherland. Buying the dip on misunderstood news. OTC:ESCC.

(16:45) OTC:IAIC another example of information arbitrage. Initially purchased in 2018. Company helps government agencies modernize IT infrastructure. Everything an investor needed to know was in filings.

(22:11) Investors should read more 10K’s and 10Q’s and put down the books. They get easier to read after some practice.

(23:43) Maj talks about GeoInvesting. Premium site for members. Do intensive research. Wall Street caliber research for the everyday investor. Morning email, then weekly email every Sunday.

(28:35) More detail on coverage list and GeoInvesting Model Portfolio.

(29:54) GeoInvesting Principles and places they avoid. His firms edge.

(32:57) Maj talks his top idea, Konatel OTCQB:KTEL. Talking government subsidies and management’s ability to use cash in a shareholder-friendly manner.

(43:30) Konatel Valuation and target price. Where will it go? Power of GeoInvesting Network. Insider purchases.

(47:70) Richard goes over his history with government subsidies, OTC:LICT.

(50:46) Maj talks GeoInvesting Collaboration and Skull Session.

(57:10) Looking at charts.

(58:17) Closing remarks and contact information.