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Nov 11, 2021

Collin McLelland is the Co-Founder and CEO of Digital Wildcatters, which is a content platform transforming the Oil and Gas Industry. In this episode, Richard talks to Collin about his journey starting off as a roughneck in the West Texas oil patch to becoming FracSlap, King of Energy Content. Collin also discusses some of the changes occurring in the industry to include ESG, Bitcoin Mining, Canada versus Texas Drillers and so much more.


To learn more about Collin visit or follow him on Twitter @FracSlap. To learn more about Richard or to request a transcript of the podcast please visit


Show Notes:

(01:12) Introduction to Collin McLelland. Co-Founder and CEO of Digital Wildcatters, a media company focused on the Oil and Gas Industry. Growing up in Midland, Texas which is the Capital of the Permian Basin. Becoming a Roughneck right outside of high school in 2008/2009.

(03:58) More about growing up in Midland, Texas. This part of the Permian Basin is one of the most prolific oil fields in the world. You live in Midland and Odessa to work in the Oil and Gas Industry.

(05:09) First job with a drilling company in Texas. Learning on the job and the dangerous yet fulfilling work on the oil field. Getting a call on Day 1 and having to show up late at night for the shift. Canadian versus US Drillers, how they differ.

(08:46) Learning Roughnecking on the job. No instruction manual necessary. Complex operation, lots to learn. Value of Teamwork and Trust. The work “Made a Man” out of Collin. Baptized by fire.

(09:43) Collin does a deep dive into the complexity of oil and natural gas drilling. He also talks about how the industry has evolved over the last decade plus other technological advances.

(12:40) Employment opportunities in the oil patch. We also discuss this later in the episode.

(14:39) The Birth and Evolution of Digital Wildcatters. Helping bring awareness to the energy industry in a positive and memorable way.  

(21:36) Collin talks about authenticity regarding the content he puts out. He believes people respond to his genuine style. Naysayers told him he would be committing career suicide by being himself.

(24:20) Having a plan as it relates to social media content. Unstructured versus Structured content.

(26:05) Collin is bullish on social media and the Internet. He thinks it is an incredible tool to connect with people and that Energy Companies should take full advantage. Digital Wildcatters has created its own Niche by transforming how Energy Companies communicate with stakeholders.

(29:19) Talking Climate Change and the importance of a smooth transition to renewable fuels. Collin thinks there is a lot of bad press regarding fossil fuels and mentions specific energy shortages and price spikes due to the lack of capital in the space.

(34:46) Discussion around big oil investments in renewables. Outside of oil and gas production, Texas is also a leading producer of wind power generation.

(36:53) Leveraging the Digital Wildcatters Network to help people get jobs in the oil field. 

(39:15) Detailed thoughts on Bitcoin Mining. Major opportunity to mine Bitcoin using flare gas. Flared gas is a bi-product of Oil and Natural Gas drilling and is typically burned off as waste. With Gas Prices being so high for Bitcoin Miners, it could prove a highly effective way of mining Bitcoin that is both clean and economically feasible.

(44:07) Discussion over the Bitcoin Mining device itself. Collin talks specs and goes into further detail on how it can use Flare Gas for Bitcoin Mining. Texas, Oklahoma, Wyoming and North Dakota can be leaders in the industry. Highly attractive investment opportunity in the early stages.  

(50:41) Wrap up that includes some Kenny Lay (Parody) lines and EFT (Energy FinTwit). Lil FracSlap, Friday Night Roll Call and more.