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Jul 13, 2021

Saira Rahman is the VP of Finance at HMBradley, a Fintech Company looking to shakeup the Financial Services industry by helping customers turn into better savers through powerful tools and incentives that encourage them to save more of what they earn. Saira also hosts the popular Podcast: Girls Just Wanna Have Funds, a show about Financial Literacy and told through the power of friendship.

To learn more about Saira please follow her on Twitter @sairarahman or on her podcast at Girls Just Wanna Have Funds.

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Show Notes:

(01:11) Saira and her story

(02:14) Saira and FinTech, working at Regional and Community banks

(03:30) PPP Government Money and Community Banks

(06:57) HMBradley and how it helps its differentiate customer deposits

(08:34) Leveraging customer data

(09:18) Neobanks

(10:40) Podcast life, Girls just wanna have Funds

(13:43) Podcast topics

(14:44) Friendship and deep relationships

(17:46) Saira reveals that she is, in fact, a vampire

(20:12) Couples finance and how Saira and Megan discuss the topic on the show

(23:34) Going through a divorce

(25:18) Who will clear the browser history?

(27:55) Reading 10Ks

(28:57) Using margin for investments

(29:49) Cryptocurrencies

(33:46) StockTwits and 80% female podcast engagement

(36:11) Season 2 and closing remarks