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Jul 27, 2021

Denise Shull is a World-Renowned Performance Coach at The ReThink Group, a consulting firm that revitalizes professional investors, invigorates professional athletes and inspires CEOs. Through her signature framework The Shull Method™, Denise leverages the latest brain research on how humans perceive constantly, but subconsciously, predicting future feelings.

Denise's Book: Here.

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Show Notes:

(01:00) How the human unconscious impacts behavior

(02:50) Neuropsychology background

(05:00) Human “significant other” relationships

(09:00) Dmitry Balyasny story

(11:40) Male versus Female Investors

(18:00) Psychology of Investors

(21:00) Useful versus Irrelevant Emotions

(25:20) Denise dissects Richard’s investment mistakes

(29:45) Sports Psychology

(35:00) The Fear of Failure

(38:00) Billions Lawsuit