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Aug 24, 2021

Cheryl Bachelder is a legend in the Restaurant Franchising Space. She is currently on the Board of Chick-fil-a and US Foods. She has held senior positions at Domino’s Pizza and KFC. Most notably, Cheryl was the CEO of Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen where she launched a franchise driven turnaround that drove the stock from $11 to its ultimate sale of $79 in 2017. Learn Cheryl’s background, how she fixed franchisee relations and so much more.


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Amazon Book Link: Dare to Serve

Show Notes:

(01:50) Cheryl’s Background

(02:51) First Job at Procter and Gamble

(03:31) How Cheryl got her start in the Restaurant Industry

(04:45) Domino’s Pizza and Tom Monaghan

(06:55) Investor Franchisee Due Diligence; Channel Checks

(09:07) Yum Brands and Kentucky Fried Chicken, KFC and David Novak

(11:21) Joining Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen; Frank Belatti, John Cranor and John Hoffner

(15:13) First steps as Popeyes CEO - Building Alignment and Trust + P&L’s

(17:15) Franchisee Mistakes and taking operating profits from 17% to 24%

(22:21) Comparing Dominos, KFC and Popeyes

(24:19) Class Action Lawsuits from Franchisees

(29:01) Drilling down on Popeyes Franchisees / Taking Franchisee Notes

(33:28) Biggest Franchisee Relationship Challenges

(35:41) Being a Public Company CEO and Huge Stock Market Win; Near 10 bagger

(38:55) Stock Investor Annual Meetings and Quarterly Conference Calls

(40:43) Favorite Foods and Answering the Toughest Question

(43:12) Cheryl’s Book: "Dare to Serve: How to Drive Superior Results by Helping Others" + Turnaround at Popeyes; Link to Book can be found here.