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Sep 21, 2021

Keith Smith is the Founder and Portfolio Manager at Bonhoeffer Capital Management. Bonhoeffer is a value-oriented investment partnership that seeks to grow capital at a faster rate than market indices over full market cycles and provide minimal exposure to permanent loss. Richard talks to Keith about his electrical engineering background and his transition from a Business Valuation Expert to an Investment Fund Manager. *Value versus Growth Business Valuation. Identifying great investment opportunities. Anglo Dutch Public Companies and so much more.


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Show Notes:

(1:08) Keith’s Background

(02:35) From Electrical Engineering to Business Valuation

(04:47) Value versus Growth Investing; Operational Leverage

(08:47) Current Stock Market Valuations; Ben Graham, China and QE

(14:40) Starting an Investment Partnership; Investment Mistakes

(19:11) Keith’s circle of competence and investing in companies with high Free Cash Flow; Telecom and Media

(24:03) Shareholder governance and how large institutions can do better

(27:54) Management alignment of interest and the Dutch East India Company

(29:18) Anglo Dutch Roots and Keith’s explanation of why some countries deserve higher multiples; Netherlands Cost of Capital Advantage; Emerging Markets

(34:43) Investing in Europe, Taxes, China, Disruption, UK

(39:09) Some investment ideas and themes including Asbury Automotive (AGB), Consolidated Communications (CNSL), Builders FirstSource (BLDR)

(48:12) When Keith exits an investment / sell criteria

(55:28) Keith’s thought on inflation